Bad News For Justice League

Biel out. Script not ready

Bad News For Justice League

by Olly Richards |
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Things have not been great for the Justice League movie from the get go. Fans of the series seem to be largely asking 'Why now?' when the Superman and Batman franchises are finding new, more interesting paths, which could be undermined by the team-up movie. The writer's and actor's strike are pushing Warner Bros to get everything together very quickly and now two very reliable sources are saying that the movie is hitting new snags on its way to the screen.

Entertainment Weekly has dashed last week's rumour that Jessica Biel could play Wonder Woman in the movie, a signing that would likely have also lead to a spin-off movie of her own. The US magazine says that the actress has chosen to pass, leaving the casting team to start over.

More crucially, The New York Times has said that the script for the film is still not ready. With the Writers Guild ready to down pens (keyboards?) as early as October 31, that could leave the movie high and dry and impossible to shoot before the possible Actors Guild strike next June.

The New York Times says that scripts like JLA "are now being seen as high-value targets by those at the writers guild who advocate an immediate walkout should no deal be reached", i.e. leaving unfinished a script that a studio needs so badly will put the guild in a much better position for negotiations. The studios are looking to get as many scripts into production before the actor's strike, but if the writers don't play ball and finish them, then the studios are, as the old saying goes, royally screwed.

To add to that, someone at is saying that the film is having trouble casting Batman. It's been widely stated that Christian Bale will not take part in the movie, but reportedly 'name' actors are not keen to try and fill his cowl.

Apart from that, everything's going just fine.

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