Atonement’s London Premiere

Keira and co. hit the red carpet

Atonement's London Premiere

by Olly Richards |
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We're not actually allowed to mention Atonement, Joe Wright's brilliant telling of Ian McEwan's novel of illicit love and betrayal, without using the word Oscar. When the film touched down at the Venice Film Festival last week, the rapturous reception had all the papers thrilling over the best British movie in years and GMTV's Carla Romano fair having an embolism live on air.

Fortunately, the hype is entirely justified, the film being not only the best British film in memory, but easily among the best movies of the year. So, naturally, when the film hit London for its UK premiere, everyone was talking about the same thing: Keira's dress! Oh, and Oscars.

Knightley, who was joined on the Odeon Leicester Square red carpet by Wright and co-star (and Empire nomination for Best Scottish Person Since Sean Connery) James McAvoy, was all gussied up like a Greek goddess and beaming from ear to ear about the film's critical success.

"That people are even mentioning the film in the same sentence as the word Oscar means we've done a good job," said the actress, who was nominated for Best Actress last year for her turn in Wright's first movie, Pride and Prejudice. "Whether or not we get any nominations doesn't take away from how proud I am of this film".

You can see for yourself whether their pride is justified (it totally is) when the film opens this Friday. In the meantime, you can read Empire's five star review right here.

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