Another New Potter Trailer

And it's the best one yet

Another New Potter Trailer

by empire |
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We've said all along that Order of the Phoenix has the potential to be the best of the Harry Potter films, because the book is the weakest in the series. That might sound ridiculous, but the relatively slender plot means that director David Yates shouldn't have to slavishly pack in every fan favourite moment at the expense of a naturally flowing story. Everything we're seeing of the movie suggests that our hopes could be answered. A new trailer has just gone online at and it's pretty freakin' great and features far more footage than the clip online yesterday. Click here to see for yourself.

The style is gorgeous, the effects near flawless, Emelda Staunton creepily simpering as Professor Umbridge and Helena Bonham Carter already our favourite thing in the movie before we've heard her utter a word. Some of the child acting is still a little bit 'eyes and teeth', but this has leapt up several places on our 'Most Anticipated of the Summer' list. Roll on July 13.

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