Anne Hathaway Boards Novel Adaptation French Children Don’t Throw Food

Anne Hathaway

by James White |
Published on

In a scary time for the world, it's actually something of a balm to be able to report films still in development and actors making deals to appear. The latest is Anne Hathaway, who has boarded new memoir adaptation French Children Don't Throw Food.

Pamela Druckerman's book chronicles her move to France with her husband as his job transferred there. The American journalist settles in the country and raises a family while juggling her job, all the while concerned that she's not measuring up to either. Druckerman starts to investigate why her French neighbours and friends seem to be able to raise perfectly behaved spawn, and discovers that appearances aren't everything. Everyone, no matter how perfect they seem, has their own problems.

Jamie Minoprio and Jonathan Stern wrote the most recent script for StudioCanal, and the movie is in development at the studio. There's no director attached yet and the film will of course have to wait out the current situation before it could start shooting.

Hathaway will next be on screen in Robert Zemeckis' The Witches, currently scheduled for 16 October this year (though we'll see if it keeps that spot given all the release date shifts that have already happened).

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