Ryan Gosling Starring In Astronaut Drama Project Hail Mary

Ryan Gosling

by James White |
Published on

While it was an excellent film, the Ryan Gosling-starring Neil Armstrong drama First Man didn't exactly take off at the box office. Still, that isn't deterring the actor from climbing aboard another film featuring an astronaut, this one fictional: he's making a deal to star in and produce Project Hail Mary.

It'll adapt the latest book from Andy Weir, best known for having a little big success in publishing and on the big screen with The Martian. Like that story of a stranded astronaut having to figure out problems, Project Hail Mary will see one on a ship who is tasked with an even big quest – saving the planet Earth.

Weir's book attracted plenty of attention from studios, with MGM now snapping up the rights. There's no director attached yet, and no script in place, but development can kick off now so the film can shoot at some point in the future when productions can actually get back to work.

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