Annabelle Has A Teaser Trailer

The Conjuring spin-off scares up a first promo

Annabelle Has A Teaser Trailer

by James White |
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The Conjuring was a big hit last summer, so chances are many of you may already have met Annabelle, the doll featured at the start of James Wan’s creep-fest. You know she’s the most terrifying mannequin this side of Fats in Magic. Now her backstory will be explored in this prequel tale, which gets its title from her name…

Annabelle finds a young couple (Annabelle Wallis and Ward Horton) preparing for the arrival of their first child. As a surprise, hubbie has tracked down the one doll the mother-to-be was seeking to complete a collection of apparently weird period figurines. Before anyone has time to wonder why this thing is appropriate for any child, we start to see that this is a truly dreadful decorative decision.

Yes, Annabelle is a demon doll, possessed by a very possessive spirit who enjoys causing chaos and killing people in a variety of horrific ways. Our heroes (and their neighbours) are going to wish they’d just gone for a regular old teddy bear or maybe a Cloud Baby…

With Alfre Woodard, Brian Howe, Eric Ladin and Michelle Romano among the cast, this one was directed by Conjuring and Insidious cinematographer John R. Leonetti. Annabelle will haunt our screens from October 10. If anyone offers you a tie-in doll for the film, refuse it. TRUST US.

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