Amy Poehler Wants More Inside Out Sequels, Following Riley’s Life ‘Like Seven Up’ – Exclusive

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Of any Pixar film to sequelise, a follow-up to Inside Out makes perhaps the most inherent sense. In fact, the ending of the first film actively invites it. While a new status quo is established in Riley’s mind – with Joy and Sadness reconciled – there’s a big ‘PUBERTY’ button just waiting to be pressed, and a tantalising question from Amy Poehler’s Joy: “After all, Riley’s 12 now. What could happen?” The answer is, a lot. Hence, Inside Out 2 will see the influx of several new emotions in Riley’s headquarters, set to rock her world all over again – a reflection of the total upheaval that comes with adolescence.

As Poehler tells Empire, that process of emotional evolution never really ends – and her hope is that there’ll be many more Inside Out movies to come, reflecting that journey. “I just think that they should make these films like Seven Up, every couple of years in Riley's life,” she enthuses. “A young adult, and a young mother, and I think a middle-aged person – everyone's having these very distinct new emotions that are showing up all the time.” It’s a tantalising prospect – imagine an ongoing Linklater-esque study of a single lifetime, in Pixar form.

Of course, the bar for Inside Out 2 alone is astonishingly high. The first film remains one of the studio’s most beloved and celebrated works – even among those who made it. “It was super-emotional, and I felt so proud to be in it,” Poehler recalls of seeing the finished thing back in 2015. “I still maintain it’s probably the best film I’ve ever been in.” But for all the pressure, Poehler had no qualms about attempting to strike gold for a second time in the sequel. “This is where Joy and I dovetail,” she says. “You can’t let that fear stop you from action. You have to act. What Joy would say about it — and what I would too — is, ‘What are you going to do? Not make it, because you’re afraid it’s not going to be good? We just have to do it.’” Bring on a fresh jolt of joy.

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