Abduction Trailer Online

Taylor Lautner's on the run...

Abduction Trailer Online

by James White |
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That sound you just heard was the whole of the Team Jacob nation crying out “Eeeeeeeee!” at once and then being suddenly silenced. No, the forces behind Robert Pattinson’s fandom haven’t developed a super weapon; the Taylor Lautner lovers have simply just stopped so they can recharge their lungs. And the reason for their vocal outpouring? The first trailer for Lautner’s first proper post-Twilight film Abduction has arrived and can be viewed below.

Directed by John Singleton, Abduction finds the former wolf boy as Nathan Price, a teenager who has always felt slightly different from those around him, just like 83% of all teenagers. But Nathan has a real reason for his mixed feelings: he’s shown a picture of himself as a child on a missing persons website and soon discovers that his parents are not who he thinks they are, and that very powerful CIA forces are looking to retrieve their “asset.” Cue lots of running, jumping, driving, kicking, a bit more jumping, avoiding bullets, more running and, lest we forget, sticking his tongue down Lily Collins’ throat while on a train.

This first promo certainly moves at a clip and Lautner, well, appears to be up to the action side of things anyway. Check out the trailer below and let us know your thoughts…

Abduction is currently scheduled to run, jump, punch, kick, shoot and roll its way into our cinemas on September 30.

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