Aaron Eckhart Is Two Face

Joining The Dark Knight

Aaron Eckhart Is Two Face

by Willow Green |
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After much speculation that has seen names as varied as Ryan Philippe, Liev Schreiber, Sean Penn and Bouncer, ex of Neighbours (possibly not true, but if you say it on the internet it becomes fact) rumoured to be playing Harvey Dent/Two-Face in the Batman Begins sequel, The Dark Knight, Christopher Nolan has chosen his man. Aaron Eckhart will lend his chinny gravitas to the role of the lawyer, turned disfigured crime lord.

Take care, there be mild spoilers ahead.

According to past interviews given by Batman Begins screenwriter David S Goyer, Dent will be the good guy in this film, helping Bruce Wayne bring down The Joker (Heath Ledger). But in the third in the series he'll be scarred by an attack from The Joker and become Two-Face, with the power to be nice to people's faces and then be, like, really bitchy behind their backs. No, wait, that's wrong, he becomes hideously scarred and schizophrenic and uses the toss of a coin to decide whether to do good or evil. We were thinking of Rachel McAdams in Mean Girls.

The Dark Knight is set to begin shooting in March, with a release date of July 18, 2008.

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