A Haunting In Venice Trailer: Kenneth Branagh’s Poirot Seeks ‘Rational Answers’ In Spooky Mystery

A Haunting In Venice

by Ben Travis |
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‘Taches on, everyone! Hercule Poirot is back, once again in Kenneth Branagh form – that ferocious facial hair included – in A Haunting In Venice, and this time it’s getting spooky. Agatha Christie’s hirsute hero returns post-Murder On The Orient Express and Death On The Nile in a third film, once again directed by Branagh himself – and it’s pitching the Belgian bullshit-detector into a mystery that seems to be somewhat supernatural… or is it? The latest trailer unveils a bit more plot of this adaptation of Christie’s novel Hallowe’en Party, with Tina Fey’s Ariadne Oliver roping in the detective to scope out a suspicious seance act, run by Michelle Yeoh’s Joyce Reynolds. But when it all gets a bit too real and a body turns up, Poirot is left to look for a truth that might expand his understanding of the veil between the natural and supernatural.

As with the previous exceptionally-moody trailer, A Haunting In Venice is looking much different in tone to Branagh’s previous Poirot outings – the trailer packing jump-scares, a horror-inflected tone, and a thick air of danger. But like the previous films, it has a stacked cast: Branagh, Fey, and Yeoh get the biggest showing here, but they’re also joined by Jamie Dornan, Belfast's Jude Hill, John Wick: Chapter Two’s Riccardo Scamarcio, Kelly Reilly and more. It’s also penned by Michael Green, who adapted Nile and Orient Express.

Is Poirot really facing ghostly business? Who’s been murdered? And, most importantly, whodunnit? We’ll find out when A Haunting In Venice enters our mortal realm on 15 September.

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