Wild Hogs Review

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A pair of ageing biker wannabes go on the road in search of adventure and encounter a real Hell's Angels group.


Somewhere down the line, Wild Hogs must have seemed like a great idea. Take a writer from US TV greats Arrested Development and My Name Is Earl; an ensemble cast of A- and B-listers; and give them a mid-life crisis as a jumping-point for a great American road trip.

Perhaps the whole thing collapsed under the weight of powerful players keen to show off their improvisational ‘skills’, but when the henpecked one (Martin Lawrence), the nerdy one (William H. Macy), the sensible one (Tim Allen) and the playboy one (John Travolta) hit the road on their Harleys, they crash hard and fast into a wall of clichés, turning Wild Hogs into a pig of a movie.

Sounds great, with this cast of men of a certain age on big scary two wheeled monsters. Unfortunately it only pulls it off in places.