The Covenant Review

Image for The Covenant

Four young men learn that they are destined to wield the vast eldritch power of the Covenant. But while learning to use their magic, they unwittingly release a great evil into the world. Four years later, they must put a stop to the thing they unleashed.


In this so-dumb-it’s-almost-fun, so-bad-it’s-almost-good male twist on The Craft, four buff young men use their hereditary magical powers for teenage kicks until dark magic suddenly appears to complicate things, while a welter of largely unexplained terms like “ascending” and “darklings” conspire to make it feel like an episode of an ongoing TV series. The result is a silly mix of sub-par Buffy episode, teen horror movie and X-Men, but even less good than that sounds. It says a lot about the overwhelming naffness of The Covenant that not a single over-the-hill star could be found to cameo alongside the unknown young cast, and while they pout as prettily as they know how, and don’t act tool dreadfully, it’s another sad step down the career ladder for Renny Harlin.

Utterly stupid and full of lazy plotting and lazier dialogue, this is just idiotic enough to entertain on nights when you want to give your brain a rest.