Parks And Recreation: Season 1 Review

Parks And Recreation: Season 1

by Joe Cunningham |
Published on

When Parks and Recreation debuted in 2009, there was every danger it would be little more than a clone of its creators’ other project, the US version of The Office. Instead, Greg Daniels and Michael Schur’s follow-up — set in the Parks And Recreation department of

a tiny town called Pawnee — has a wholesome charm all of its own.

The show’s first series introduces Amy Poehler’s lovable Deputy Department Director Leslie Knope, who appears to

be just a public sector Michael Scott, less

a Y-chromosome. Her main aim during the brief, six-episode first season is to build a park on top of a local pit. Poehler’s energetic performance as the ambitious bureaucrat (complemented by a supporting cast only superficially established but full of potential) drives what is a decent enough but not hugely original debut season.

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