Extras Series 1 Review

by William Thomas |
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With impressive self-awareness, one of the bonus features on this disc is entitled The Difficult Second Album. The question over whether this is as good as The Office, Gervais’ global conqueror, doesn’t really have an answer. They don’t particularly compare. Gervais may play a similar gimlet-eyed sad sack with foot never far from mouth, but Extras isn’t just his story. He’s a bit-part player in his own sitcom.

Gervais’ frustrated ‘background artist’ doesn’t have any major storylines; there are none to be had. We’re not waiting for any will-they-won’t-they answers or anybody to get their comeuppance. There’s no plot to speak of. The Office was War & Peace compared to this. Initially it seems like a collection of extended sketches, held together by the gimmick of A-list guest stars: thin, but very, very fun. Yet when hang-dog TV hasbeen Les Dennis turns up playing himself as a deluded, attention-seeking loser, it clicks that Extras really is about something, after all: filling the time while you wait for something else — be it the next scene, next job, or your life — to happen.

It’s a faintly depressing set-up that Gervais and co-creator Stephen Merchant (whose Aardman Animation mug makes his agent role increasingly hilarious) balance with sharply written laughs, many of which are so throwaway that they’re difficult to catch on first viewing. The series’ strongest moment isn’t even one of humour and, like the best moments in The Office, it’s one of silence.

In the final episode it dawns on Andy’s fellow extra and best mate Maggie (played with huggable perfection by Ashley Jensen) that she may be wasting her life, literally fading into the background. If there’s a dry eye in the house, then it’s a very hard one. Comedies that can hit the funny bone and the heart are a rare thing — put David Brent and his mugging ways out of your mind and you’ll realise that Gervais has, surprisingly quietly, done it again.

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