What If…? Season 2: The Multiverse Is Twisted In The New Trailer

What If...? Season 2

by James White |
Published on

Marvel might not be having the best time at the moment, with movies underperforming and TV shows receiving mixed receptions (though Loki Season 2 has been a bright spot). The company will no doubt be hoping for something of a Christmas miracle, and is looking to animated series What If…? to deliver. The show, which explores the various facets of the multiverse to see different versions of established (and some new) Marvel heroes, returns next month, and the trailer is online:

Narrated once more by The Watcher (Jeffrey Wright) and featuring a variety of MCU movie and TV stars reprising their roles (plus a few replacements, one or two of whom are noticeable) for some intriguing looking new twists on established Marvel continuity.

So if you were wondering what pleasures the new season might have to deliver, you'll have more of a clue.

And given the 22 December launch (the nine episodes of the new season will roll out across nine consecutive days this festive season), there's a definite Christmas feel on display, especially in the Die Hard reference involving Happy Hogan and Darcy.

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