The Mandalorian Season 3 Trailer Takes Din Djarin Back To Mandalore


by Ben Travis |
Updated on

Strap in, everyone: Mando is coming back. Months after Star Wars Celebration unveiled the first look at The Mandalorian Season 3, the footage had been officially been released online to line up with the Lucasfilm panel at D23. And this is a very exciting teaser: giving us an early peek at the return of Din Djarin and Grogu, as well as glimpses of Bo-Kayan Kryze, Green Karga – and, most importantly, three Babu Frik guys. Check it out here:

Can it be February already please? If this is just an initial teaser, there are some insights into what Season 3 will have in store: notably, that Bo-Katan is pretty pissed with Din about how the whole Darksaber thing has played out, our hero is in deep doo-doo about how the whole taking-his-helmet-off thing played out – and to atone, he’s heading back to Mandalore. Plus Karga has a very impressive new red robe, Grogu is being cute as ever – and there are no fewer than three Anzellans here (that being Babu Frik’s species). Will any of them actually be Babu Frik, decades before his appearance in The Rise Of Skywalker? How long do those guys live? And most crucially, will any (or even all) of them give a big, rousing “HEHEYYY”? Your move, Favreau and Filoni.

It looks mightily exciting – and arriving roughly a year post-The Book Of Boba Fett, we’ll all be more than ready for Mando’s glorious return to Disney+ in February 2023. This is the way. Or, this is the HEHEYYYY.

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