The Last Of Us Series First Footage Revealed In HBO Teaser

The Last Of Us – HBO series

by Ben Travis |
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It’s been a big day for HBO. As House Of The Dragon finally debuted, three years after the end of Game Of Thrones, the TV giant complemented that show’s arrival by releasing a mega-teaser for a bunch of its upcoming shows, a flex of all the stuff you’ll be wanting to watch in the coming months (and, also likely, an attempted antidote to the slew of cancellations and removals that have surrounded HBO Max in recent weeks). And to HBO’s credit, their slate is looking pretty tasty – with one show taking precedence above all others. At long last, the screen version of The Last Of Us is on the way, taking the mega-acclaimed video games and translating them to TV with Pedro Pascal as Joel and Game Of Thrones’ Bella Ramsey as Ellie. You can get your first look at footage from the long-awaited series towards the end of this teaser:

It’s brief, but this is our first real glimpse at Pascal and Ramsey inhabiting these characters, ones that fans of the games are intimately familiar with. As well as capturing Joel and Ellie, we get glimpses of the post-apocalyptic world – cold and harsh and unforgiving, with infected coral-monsters everywhere too. (There’s not much to see of them yet, but surely will be down the line.) The series – about a man attempting to get a teenage girl across a ruined America after a fungal outbreak that turns people into dangerous creatures – features game creator Neil Druckmann and Chernobyl’s Craig Mazin as executive producers, and is expected to begin in early 2023. Also starring in the series are the likes of Gabriel Luna, Anna Torv, Murray Bartlett, Storm Reid and Nick Offerman – the latter of which can be seen briefly in the teaser.

And that’s not the only goodie in the teaser – which also has flashes of Lyra’s return in the third and final series of His Dark Materials, more maniacal maneuvering in Succession, and the return of The White Lotus, this time in Sicily. All that, and nine more episodes of dragons? We’re in.

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