Supacell Trailer Brings Superheroes To The Streets Of South London


by Jordan King |
Published on

With the MCU taking off into the multiverse in recent years and super-violent superhero series The Boys only getting crazier as it races towards its finale, Blue Story director Rapman's upcoming Netflix show Supacell is set to bring supes back down to Earth — quite literally. Set in South London, led by a Black ensemble, and taking inspiration from the likes of Heroes and Misfits, based on the new trailer Netflix released yesterday, Rapman is bringing an exciting new perspective to the well-worn genre Check it out below;

So much for superhero fatigue, eh? And you can definitely see those Misfits and Heroes influences in this new trailer as Rapman seamlessly blends now-familiar genre features — Superspeed! Superstrength! Time travel! PORTALS! — with character driven street-level drama. But whilst Rapman tips his cap to his supe show contemporaries here, the multi-hyphenate creator introduces a compelling new wrinkle to the "ordinary people gain extraordinary powers" format with Supacell by purposefully locating the story in the heart and on the streets of London. And by having his superpowered leads — Michael (Tosin Cole), Sabrina (Nadine Mills), Andre (Eric Kofi Abrefa), Rodney (Calvin Demba), and Tazer (Josh Tedeku) — all just be ordinary Black Londoners, each struggling enough to survive their own lives without having to worrying about saving the world too.

And on that world-saving note, here's the series' official synopsis: "Supacell is about a group of five ordinary people who unexpectedly develop superpowers. They have little in common except for one thing: they are all Black South Londoners. It is down to one man, Michael Lasaki (Tosin Cole), to bring them all together in order to save the woman he loves." We'll find out whether Michael and his new superpowered pals succeed when Supacell drops on Netflix on 27 June.

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