Serinda Swan, Ferdinand Kingsley And Rory Cochrane Recruited For Reacher Season 2

Serinda Swan, Ferdinand Kingsley, Rory Cochrane

by James White |
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With the cameras due to start cranking and the punches flying, Reacher is scheduled to kick off production on its second season this month. And the show is adding a batch of new actors to the cast for the next run, headed by Serinda Swan, Ferdinand Kingsley and Rory Cochrane.

Adapting the 11th of Lee Child's novels, Bad Luck And Trouble, the season the members of Reacher’s (Alan Ritchson) old military unit start turning up dead. Which means our hulking hero sets out on a plot for revenge as he looks to get justice his fallen friends.

Swan has been cast as Karla Dixon, who served with Reacher in the Army’s unit of Special Investigators, known as the 110th. She’s an extremely intelligent private investigator who has no problem holding her own in a fight against men much larger than she is.

Kingsley has been cast as A.M. He’s what Homeland Security calls a 'ghost' operating under a variety of aliases and able to pass for any nationality. With money as his motivation, he has no limits on who he chooses to work for.

Cochrane will portray Shane Langston, a former NYPD detective with a questionable track record who now works as head of security for a private defense contractor.

They'll be regulars for the second season, while the guest star list includes Domenick Lombardozzi, Luke Bilyk, Dean McKenzie, Edsson Morales, Andres Collantes, Shannon Kook-Chun, Ty Victor Olsson, Josh Blacker and Al Sapienza. Shaun Sipos is on to play David O’Donnell, a close friend who served alongside Reacher and Dixon in the 110th, while Maria Sten will return from Season 1 as Frances Neagley.

There's no word yet on when the second season will hit Prime Video, but we'd guess it'll arrive at some point next year.

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