The Rise Of The Dragon – Exclusive Illustrations From George RR Martin’s New Targaryen Tome

Rise Of The Dragon

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If you’ve kept up to date with House Of The Dragon, chances are you’re finding the twisted tale of the Targaryens a gripping new chapter in Westerosi history – weddings, births, deaths, dragons, dastardly deeds and plenty of paranoia weaving a tangled web in the halls of power. And now, since [SPOILER REDACTED] in the latest instalment, the dragon-dung is really going to hit the fan. For anyone hooked on the history of the Targaryen dynasty, a fresh tome from George RR Martin is about to drop that’s right up your alley – get ready for The Rise Of The Dragon: An Illustrated History Of The Targaryen Dynasty.

The book – co-authored with Elio M. Garcia Jr. and Linda Antonsson – is an epic illustrated history of the Targaryens’ reign, packed with pieces of art depicting the house of the dragon at its height, as well as its eventual fall. It’s not out for two weeks yet, but take a look at some early exclusive illustrations here.

Jaeherys proclaimed

Based on the history established in Fire & Blood (which partially forms the basis for House Of The Dragon), The Rise Of The Dragon depicts the rise of the Targaryens, and the famous arrival of Aegon The Conqueror to Westeros.

Liberating the dragons

It also features art of the Dance Of The Dragons – the brewing civil war at the heart of House Of The Dragon, with unpopular succession choices, illegitimate heirs, and all kinds of personal grievances pitting the Targaryens, sea-faring Velaryons and scheming Hightowers against each other.

Maegor's exile

In short, if you’re a budding Samwell Tarly-alike scholar of Targaryen history, a massive fan of Martin’s original novels or the TV adaptations, or even just enjoy pictures of gigantic dragons, The Rise Of The Dragon is a major addition to your collection – packed with over 150 epic illustrations that bring the flame-powered family to life.

Find it on bookshelves from 25 October – and get ready for the final two episodes of House Of The Dragon Season 1 to rain down all kinds of familial fire and fury.

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