Ready For An American Remake Of Inside No. 9?

Inside No. 9

by James White |
Published on

Reece Shearsmith and Steve Pemberton's Inside No. 9 has been delighting, entertaining and scaring us for seven series now. So it's perhaps not all that surprising that an American company – in this case, Amazon's Freevee service – is looking to create its own version.

The series, created by and starring Shearsmith and Pemberton is, for anyone who might not be aware, an anthology series of darkly comic tales across different genres and featuring starry guest casts, all revolving around the number nine. And also, somewhere in each place, a brass hare.

Josh Cole, who works on the original show, will also be involved here along with Shearsmith and Pemberton, who will be executive producers (we don't imagine they'll star in the new version, much as with US network CBS' remake of Ghosts, which has an all-new cast).

And if you're confused by the service's name, Freevee is just Amazon re-branding IMDbTV – so yes, this will be an Inside No. 9 that has ads. Sacrilege!

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