Pilot TV Podcast #171: Reacher, Pam & Tommy, And Chloe. With guests Tiffany Haddish And Mackenzie Davis

Reacher, Pam & Tommy, Chloe

by James Dyer |
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If this week got off to a bumpy start for you, there can be no better medication than a prescription of Beth's raucous interview with The Afterparty's Tiffany Haddish on this week's show, as the pair get surprisingly frank about the things they'd like to do to Jamie Demetriou (00:18:37-00:32:07). And not content with that, Beth also sat down with Mackenzie Davis to talk all things Station Eleven and get tips on the finer points of knife-throwing (00:58:05-01:10:52).

But that's not all, because we take a trip with man-mountain Jack Reacher in Prime Video's adaptation of the Lee Child novel series, Reacher, explore the origins of the world's most famous sex tape in Pam & Tommy on Star, and take up a sideline in cyberstalking thanks to Chloe on BBC1. Plus the team mull over their must-watch and must-skip title sequences and Beth explains why Risky, the world's most middle-class cat, has just acquired a drinking fountain.

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