Michelle Yeoh To Star In Blade Runner 2099

Michelle Yeoh

by James White |
Published on

Even though neither 1982's Blade Runner nor 2017's Blade Runner 2049 moved the needle much in terms of box office, both are respected cult classics (especially the original). And the world originally woven by Ridley Scott from the story by Phillip K. Dick is one that studios keep looking to re-visit. The latest incarnation, live-action Prime Video series Blade Runner 2099 is gearing up to shoot this year and has cast Oscar winner Michelle Yeoh in a lead role.

With Scott on board as an executive producer and actual show-running duties falling to Silka Luisa, the show brings the story (as the title suggests) forward to 2099.

Prime Video has not officially announced any story details for the show, though scooper Daniel Richtman dug this up online (prepare your grain of salt accordingly until this is confirmed): "In Los Angeles 2099, Cora lived her entire life on the run, a chameleon forced to adopt numerous identities. To secure a stable future for her brother, she assumes one final identity and is forced to partner with Olwen (our best guess for Yeoh’s character), a Blade Runner who’s confronting the end of her life. The two are pulled into a widening conspiracy that poses an existential threat to a city that’s fighting to be reborn."

Yeoh remains as busy as ever, with the first Wicked film due later this year. She's also been filming Star Trek: Discovery TV movie spin-off Star Trek: Section 31.

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