The Creep Tapes: Mark Duplass Returning To Creep Franchise With New TV Series


by Jordan King |
Published on

After a long seven years in hiding, Peachfuzz is getting ready to Creep back into our nightmares. Following a series of cryptic social media teases over the past week, Creep co-writer and star Mark Duplass has finally revealed that a follow-up to his and director Patrick Brice's fan favourite 2014 Netflix found footage horror and its underrated 2017 sequel Creep 2 is coming. And this time around, the wolf-mask wearing serial killer is getting the TV treatment with The Creep Tapes, a series chronicling several of Duplass' killer's many slayings. Check out the star's creepy TikTok reveal of Peachfuzz' return below;

Independently produced by Duplass Brothers Productions, The Creep Tapes has already completed filming, with Duplass and Brice sharing co-creator credits and Brice directing all episodes. In a statement accompanying the series' announcement, Duplass outlined what we can expect from the show: "The series is based on a collection of video tapes in the secret vault of the world's deadliest and most socially uncomfortable serial killer, who hires his victims to film him for the day under false pretenses ... Each episode exposes a new victim from one of the fabled Creep Tapes."

As fans of the Creep franchise will recall, the first two films followed Duplass' nameless killer, who lures his victims to his home by advertising for a videographer to come and film him via Craigslist. Unbeknownst to the ad responders, they're actually being hired to shoot their own murder — which is where 'The Creep Tapes' come in. In the films, we actually see Duplass' psychopath's collection of tapes briefly, with innumerable killings suggested by his wall-to-wall shelves full of VHS'. So in terms of The Creep Tapes as a series, there's plenty of scope for Peachfuzz to continue haunting our dreams for a long time to come. 'Tubby' time, anyone?

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