Kathryn Hahn Demanded To Sing WandaVision’s Hit Song ‘Agatha All Along’ Herself – Exclusive

Kathryn Hahn Exclusive

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Who’s been the talk of telly fans ever since her scene-stealing performance in WandaVision? Why, it was Kathryn Hahn all along, of course! One of the standout elements of the time-hopping, sitcom-simulating Disney+ series was Hahn as Wanda (Elizabeth Olsen) and Vision’s (Paul Bettany), nosy neighbour Agnes. Later revealed to be Agatha Harkness, a powerful witch looking to steal Wanda’s abilities, the character was such a hit that Disney+ has now confirmed she has her own show on the way.

Aside from Hahn’s impeccable facial expressions and delightful fourth-wall breaking, it was the reveal of Harkness’s villainy through the medium of brilliantly bouncy song ‘Agatha All Along’ that shot the character to superhero superstardom. Speaking to Empire for our new The Book Of Boba Fett issue, Hahn talks about when she first heard the tune – and how she simply had to do the vocals herself. “I put headphones on, listened to it and stared slack-jawed at Matt [Shakman], who was looking at me with such a grin,” she recalls. “It was going to be called, I think, ‘That’s So Agatha’, but then they settled on ‘Agatha All Along’, which was, of course, so perfect. I got asked about singing it and I said they’d have to pry it out of my hands – there’s no way anybody else was singing it!”

Kathryn Hahn Exclusive

Kathryn Hahn shot exclusively for Empire on Tuesday 2nd November at DUST Studios in Los Angeles by photographer Art Streiber. Makeup by Jo Baker at Forward Artists using Sisley Paris. Hair by Marilee Albin for Davines Haircare at Solo Artists. Nails by Jenna Hipp at Nailing Hollywood. Styling by Jill & Jordan at The Wall Group.

The rug-pulling melody appeared at the very end of the show’s seventh episode, delivered via clips exposing Agatha’s mischievous deeds throughout the various decades Wanda had generated as part of her televised illusion. Even before ‘Agatha All Along’ was finalised, Hahn and director Matt Shakman were conscious of capturing the perfect footage for it. “At the end of each decade [shoot], Matt would say, ‘Okay, the theme song',” Hahn explains. “And then we would spend 45 minutes shooting my little sections for what would ultimately be the reveal. Just me clowning around staring at the camera, and that was before we had recorded the song.”

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