Hacks: Deborah And Ava Are On The Road In The Season 2 Trailer

Hacks Season 2

by James White |
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Though we in the UK had to wait an outrageously long time to see the first season, months after it launched on HBO Max across the pond, it's good to know that Hacks Season 2 shouldn't present quite the same patience-testing delay. The full trailer for the new season finds Jean Smart's Deborah Vance and Hannah Einbinder's Ava on a road trip to test out new material for Deborah's stand up act...

Hacks revolves around Vance, a longstanding comic whose Vegas residency (and rich lifestyle) is threatened when her venue is essentially handed over to younger, newer acts and she has to face other issues both personal and professional.

In an effort to help out, she is persuaded to hire Ava, a TV writer with her own baggage (including effectively being canceled for a tweeted joke about a politician's son), and the combination is almost immediately one of culture clash and disagreement.

Yet across that first season, Deborah and Ava come to understand one another more, and as the new episodes arrive, they're travelling America trying out new material. But there are revelations still lurking that could implode the whole tour.

With Carl Clemons-Hopkins, Paul W. Downs and Megan Stalter also in the cast (with the surefire comic joy of Laurie Metcalf joining for the new season), Hacks is back in the US via HBO Max on 12 May. Worryingly, there's no sign of a date yet for it to hit the UK through Prime Video, but with luck it won't be months again...

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