Joe Cornish’s Netflix Series Lockwood & Co. Teaser Showcases A Ghostly Battle

Lockwood & Co.

by Owen Williams |
Published on

Weren't we just talking about Lockwood & Co.? Joe Cornish guides us through his new supernatural series for Netflix in the latest issue of Empire, and with spooky timing, a teaser trailer has just arrived to haunt your browser. Check out this full minute of Ruby Stokes and Cameron Chapman fighting what looks like the Grey Lady from Ghostbusters with what looks like some swishy Harry Potter moves.

Cornish’s eight-part show adapts the YA novels by Jonathan Stroud, and stars Ruby Stokes as Lucy, a teenager who joins the titular ghost-hunting agency. Set in a a society that's been technologically arrested thanks to an epidemic of ghosts that were never busted, living people are now forced to subsist in a world overrun by spirits whose slightest touch means instant death. Big corporations employ psychic teens to battle the supernatural, with Lockwood and Co. the only example that operates without adult supervision. The rascals.

Lockwood and Co. also stars Morven Christie, Luke Treadaway, Paddy Holland and Ivano Jeremiah, and it arrives on Netflix on 27 January 2023. In the meantime, read Empire’s full Lockwood And Co. story in the new Review Of The Year issue – on sale Thursday 27 October, or pre-order a copy here.

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