First Footage Of Ncuti Gatwa’s Timelord In New Doctor Who Teaser

Ncut Gatwa as the Doctor

by James White |

Naturally, before we begin…. HUGE HONKING SPOILER ALERT for anyone who has yet to watch The Power Of The Doctor. Do not proceed if you don't want to learn anything. Okay. So, yes, the new teaser for Doctor Who's 2023 episodes features the first (extremely brief) look at Ncuti Gatwa as The Doctor. Find it here (because even the thumbnail is a spoiler)...

Yet, as you know if you've watched The Power Of The Doctor, Gatwa isn't the next Doctor… that honour goes to… David Tennant. Yes, the 10th Doctor is back following Jodie Whittaker's regeneration, with the 13th (official) Doctor turning into Tennant.

“David Tennant, previously known as the 10th Doctor, is now also known as the 14th Doctor. Confused? Don’t worry, he seems a little perplexed too,” says the BBC. We have Russell T. Davies to thank/blame for this development, as he's back in charge of the show for the next run.

The teaser shows Tennant's Doctor certainly confused about what's going on, plus Catherine Tate's Donna Noble looking scared and a mysterious - and almost certainly villainous Neil Patrick Harris – in costume. Then, it's on to Gatwa's timelord demanding to know what is going on. Us to, Ncuti, us too.

We knew that Tennant and Tate were back, but now we know a little more. Sadly, we'll have to wait until November 2023 to learn more.

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