Disney Aiming To Develop Indiana Jones TV Series

Indiana Jones

by James White |

With the… we want to say fourth? Indiana Jones film headed to cinemas next year and star Harrison Ford declaring that he's done playing the role, you might imagine that this is the end of the line for the franchise. But this is Disney/Lucasfilm, so of course there are plans forming to do more. But what, exactly?

According to Variety, the companies have been bringing up the idea of a Disney+ series set in the world of the Indiana Jones movies in meetings with writers as they look to find someone to tackle the concept, but it's such early days that there's no idea yet on what it'll actually be.

Of course, an Indy prequel already exists in the world, via 1990s TV series The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles and its made-for-TV specials.

There's also talk that there could be other spin-off movies and shows, but that's all just chatter for now. The new Jones film, meanwhile, directed by James Mangold, will be out on 30 June next year.

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