Cathy Yan Adapting Sci-Fi Novel Paprika For Live-Action Series

Cathy Yan

by James White |
Published on

Cathy Yan's a busy filmmaker since Birds Of Prey. She's got one movie in the works and is also now on board to oversee and direct a TV series adaptation of Yasutaka Tsutsui's acclaimed 1993 novel Paprika.

The story, which has already been adapted into more than one manga and an anime in 2006, focuses on dream monitoring and intervention as a form of psychotherapy.

Brilliant psychiatry researcher Atsuko Chiba is the most prominent scientist in this field, using her alter-ego Paprika to infiltrate the dreams of others and treat their illnesses. H

Her colleague, the talented Kōsaku Tokita has created a super-miniaturized version of the existing dream-analysis devices calling it the DC Mini. But when they're stolen by someone with a plan to mind control their victims, the hunt begins…

It does sound a little like Inception, but given the original story came out years before Christopher Nolan's movie, he was more influenced by it.

The show, which also has Masi Oka aboard as a producer, will likely have to wait in line though as Yan's other sci-fi project, planned film The Freshening is next on her To Do List.

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