Anthony Daniels Returning As C-3PO For New Star Wars Droids Show


by James White |
Updated on

Given his many appearances in both live-action and animated Star Wars adventures, Anthony Daniels is perhaps the most recognisable voice of the movies and their various spin-offs. But the man in the C-3PO suit is trading his usual outfit for motion capture as he prepares to shoot new work on an upcoming Wars special.

Taking to Instagram, Daniels showed off his latest look, commenting that he has a suit that "fits" – a reference to the issues he's had in the past with the sometimes bulky and uncomfortable practical C3PO costume.

Daniels doesn't specify what he's at Ealing Studios to work on exactly, but the best guess is the Star Wars: A Droid Story special from Lucasfilm Animation and VFX company ILM, which will see C3PO and beeping buddy R2-D2 guiding a new hero on a quest in a Disney+ special.

We'll have to wait and see if that is the project he's virtually suited up for (could this be sneakily covering up a potential C3PO appearance in a future main Star Wars series?) while Daniels relishes the chance to keep on playing the goldenrod.

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