Andor Trailer Promises An Epic Battle Against The Empire In Star Wars’ Latest Series

Andor trailer

by Ben Travis |
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If there’s a reason Star Wars fans love Rogue One, it’s because it’s a grittier, grimier tale in the galaxy far, far away – one that hints at just how hard it is out there with the Empire in full control, while pockets of rebellion bubble up. And if you loved that side of the movie, it looks like spin-off series Andor has that in spades. Ostensibly following Diego Luna’s doomed Cassian Andor (he, and all the other heroes of Rogue One – SPOILER ALERT! – die at the end of that film) in the five years prior to meeting him, this one will be both a character piece, and a deeper dive into a particular point in the Star Wars timeline. This is the Empire at the peak of its powers, causing carnage on oppressed planets – and finding desperate heroes rising up as rebels. Check out the epic new trailer:

Let’s be real – there was some skepticism when a Cassian Andor prequel was announced; about whether the character could carry his own show, and how it would work when we all know what happens to him in Rogue One. But this looks really fantastic, not just promising to put more meat on the bones of Luna’s character, but really digging its fingers into an outwardly political story in the Star Wars galaxy with a social-thriller bent. For long-term fans, there’s plenty to be excited about here – a glimpse of the Galactic Senate from the prequels, the return of Forest Whitaker’s Saw Gerrera (“Let’s call it… war!”), external shots of Coruscant, and Genevieve O’Reilly’s Mon Mothma navigating the halls of power as an inside agent. But beyond that, there are stunning vistas, epic battle shots, lavish Empirical interiors, and a real sense of visual groundedness that promises what looks like an even more epic Star Wars streaming series than we’re used to.

The bad news? We have a little longer to wait. Original due to begin on 31 August, the release of Andor has been pushed back a few weeks – it’ll now debut on September 21, with three of its 12 episodes dropping at once. The show is masterminded by Tony Gilroy, who was heavily involved in Rogue One, and its cast includes the likes of Stellan Skarsgard and Fiona Shaw, as well as Luna, Whitaker, and O’Reilly. Bring on the rebellion.

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