300 Prequel Series In The Works With Zack Snyder In Talks To Direct


by Jordan King |
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Ready your breakfast and eat hardy, for tonight (well, technically this morning) we dine on 300 news! For anyone who's long hoped for more stories in the world of the Spartans (with lashings of comic book style), there's a promising update. According to Variety, a TV adaptation of the Zack Snyder historical epic – itself an adaptation of the legendary Frank Miller's graphic novel – is in early development at Warner Bros. Television. And what's more, Snyder – who directed and co-wrote the 2006 film – is in talks to helm the project.

In terms of plot details for the series, news is there is no news – WBTV is keeping its cards close to their chest at present. But early word is that the series will serve as a prequel of some sort to the hyper-stylised film, which recounted the tale of how fearless leader Leonidas (Gerard Butler) and his army of 300 Spartans held back thousands (possibly millions) of Persian soldiers at the historic Battle of Thermopylae in 480 BCE.

A bloody, slow-motion filled epic in every sense of the word, Snyder's original film — which also co-starred Lena Headey, David Wenham, and Michael Fassbender — spawned a somewhat successful sidequel in the form of 2014's 300: Rise Of An Empire. And intriguingly, Snyder — who's been busy of late building an all-new cinematic universe with Rebel Moon: Part One - A Child Of Fire and Part Two - The Scargiver — also recently regained the rights to his own self-penned direct sequel to 300, Smoke And Ashes. Though this new series' positioning as a prequel would suggest that particular project will be saved for another time, it will be interesting to see whether elements of Snyder's "incredibly homoerotic" and "super violent" script make their way into whatever this story ends up being.

Also in talks to return alongside Snyder for 300's prequel show are Deborah Snyder – who executive produced the original film and would produce here under her and her husband's Stone Quarry production banner – and Stone Quarry’s Wesley Coller. Creative leads haven't been confirmed yet – but even without knowing who's making it, who'll be in it, or what it'll be about, a new 300 project is cause for celebration. And for shouting at the top of our lungs, once again, "THIS! IS! SPARTA!"

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