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Darth Vader

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Calling all members of the Rebel Alliance – it’s time to rep everyone’s favourite galaxy from long ago and far away.

The epic space-opera Star Wars is a marvel of cinema and continues to exert a phenomenal culture presence. Even though the main narrative of the Skywalker Saga has come to an end, there’s no reason to mourn. The rich and expansive lore of the Star Wars universe can still be experienced through the novels, comics, video games, animated series, standalone spinoff movies, and soon, thanks to the launch of Disney +, The Mandalorian (finally). There’s never been a better time to be a Star Wars fan.

If you're looking for something to keep you a little warmer than a Star Wars t-shirt, here’s a collection of the best hoodies and sweatshirts to help you show your dedication to the Force…

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Star Wars Hoodies

Star Wars Sweatshirt by find1 of 7

Star Wars Sweatshirt by find

What's cooler than black? That's right, black on black. Just ask Vader. This subdued classic Star Wars logo is all about that low fuss representation.

Star Wars The Last Jedi X-Wing Sweatshirt2 of 7

Star Wars The Last Jedi X-Wing Sweatshirt

The X-Wing, as ubiquitous and iconic to the Star Wars universe as lightsabers, questionable sibling dynamics, and Imperial Marches.

Star Wars Lightsabre Hoodie3 of 7

Star Wars Lightsabre Hoodie

Ever since 1977 and that iconic poster, the lightsaber has been the dream weapon of choice for any sci-fi fan. Not only can it protect the wielder from lasers and cut through metal, but it'll probably toast bread as you sliced it.

Death Star Plans Hoodie4 of 7
CREDIT: Last Exit To Nowhere

Death Star Plans Hoodie

The best plans are often the simplest – get to the Death Star, fly down a gully, drop a bomb down a hole, and await the fireworks.

Disney Store Star Wars Sweatshirt5 of 7
CREDIT: Disney

Disney Store Star Wars Sweatshirt

Quite recently, in a studio just over the Atlantic Ocean (but still quite far away)… this star-fighter and logo silhouette found itself created, and that's certainly something to celebrate.

Star Wars Rebel Alliance 1977 Blue Sweater6 of 7
CREDIT: Truffle Shuffle

Star Wars Rebel Alliance 1977 Blue Sweater

There's no school like the old school – a fitting retro tribute for any fan of the original class of '77.

Star Wars Stormtrooper Hoodie7 of 7

Star Wars Stormtrooper Hoodie

Even though they're the bad guy's grunts (most of the time) and can't shoot for love nor money, it turns out that the Stormtroopers do cut a dashing figure when plastered on a hoodie.

Have you singed up for Disney+ yet?

You'll be able to stream a great selection of titles, like The Mandalorian, Star Wars: The Clone Wars, and The World According to Jeff Goldblum.

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