The Best Movie Tie-In Board Games

The Green Knight

by James White |
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The news this week that US film company A24 is promoting David Lowery's latest, fantasy drama The Green Knight with a tie-in role-playing game turned our minds towards the concept of movie-based board games.

So if you're still staying safe at home (or if you just need something fun to do that isn't making bread or trying to home school rowdy children), here are our suggestions for 10 great games you'll want to track down. In this case, the only way to win is to play.


The Best Movie Board Games

The Crow: Fire It Up1 of 10

The Crow: Fire It Up

The Crow is not a film we would have imagined lending itself to a tie-in game, but here we are. Can you stop the Motor City Gang's reign of terror?

Coraline: Beware The Other Mother2 of 10

Coraline: Beware The Other Mother

Play as the eponymous heroine and work as a team to make your way through a twisted alternate reality. Fun for all the family! And the... other family.

Die Hard: The Nakatomi Heist3 of 10

Die Hard: The Nakatomi Heist

"Break out the game, we'll have a few laughs..." Actually, you'll be John McClane trying to foil Hans Gruber's schemes – or you'll be one of the criminal gang!

The Godfather: A New Don4 of 10

The Godfather: A New Don

It's your time to muscle in and make your way to the top of a crime family. It's an offer you can't... well, you know.

Star Wars Fantasy Flight Games: X-Wing5 of 10

Star Wars Fantasy Flight Games: X-Wing

Play the most exciting parts of the Star Wars films - the space battles! A strategy game based around the ships might not sound like much fun, but this one is.

Alien Vs. Predator Clue6 of 10

Alien Vs. Predator Clue

No, we didn't expect the xenomorphs and the hunters to take over the classic mystery board game. But here we are: hunt down who captured the Alien Queen.

Star Trek: Expeditions7 of 10

Star Trek: Expeditions

Play as Kirk, Spock and the rest of the Enterprise crew as they explore strange new worlds. Just be careful out in the final frontier...

Dune8 of 10

Dune Board Game

The spice must flow! You're in charge in one of the great houses and you must conquer Arrakis. Just don't get worms. Sorry, eaten by worms.

Harry Potter Trivial Pursuit9 of 10

Harry Potter Trivial Pursuit

Prove you're the prime Potterhead with your trivia knowledge. And no cheating spells, please.View offer on Amazon UK

Jaws Strategy Game10 of 10

Jaws Strategy Game

For this one, you can either play as a member of a ship's crew hunting the titular toothy terror – or the shark itself! Perhaps you could take it to the beach for some extra veracity, though that might be dangerous for other reasons right now.

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