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After a seven year wait, The Last Of Us Part II lands on PS4 this week and it’s every bit as glorious as we’d hoped (read Empire’s five star review here). The sequel to the best game on the PS3 is arguably now the best game on the PS4 and one that you won’t be able to get out of your head even after the adventure is over. So why try? We’ve rounded up some of the best Last Of Us merch on the web so you can give yourself over to one of the best video game franchises ever made.


The Best Last Of Us Merch

The Last Of Us Part II1 of 10

The Last Of Us Part II

We described this as "Not only the defining title of the PS4, nor simply the best game of the year. This is among the most accomplished pieces of storytelling, across any medium, that 2020 has to offer — a stone-etched landmark in the history of video games." Need we say more?

The Last Of Us Remastered2 of 10

The Last Of Us Remastered

What better way to get yourself properly prepared for the sequel than to replay the original game? This version, completely remastered for the PS4 is the definitive way to experience the game and, being a fair few years old, It's dead cheap, too.

Limited Edition The Last of Us Part II DualShock 4 Controller3 of 10

Limited Edition The Last of Us Part II DualShock 4 Controller

The clear choice for shepherding Ellie through the ruins of Seattle, this limited edition TLOU2 controller features Ellie's distinctive fern tattoo motif. If you're going to desperately shake a controller to try and settle your fritzing flashlight, this is the one.

Limited Edition The Last of Us Part II Wireless Headset4 of 10

Limited Edition The Last of Us Part II Wireless Headset

Another PS4 tie-in accessory, these post-apocalyptic cans feature 7.1 virtual surround sound and are similarly emblazoned with the game's title and a subtle fern patterning on the headband. Was that a Clicker we just heard behind you?

The Art of the Last of Us Part II Deluxe Edition Hardcover5 of 10

The Art of the Last of Us Part II Deluxe Edition Hardcover

Packed with absolutely stunning concept art used by the team at Naughty Dog, this beautiful, deluxe edition of the official art book created in collaboration with Dark Horse books mixes original art with commentary from the game's creators. This limited edition also comes packed with slipcase and a special lithograph.

The Last of Us Firefly Backpack6 of 10

The Last of Us Firefly Backpack

Adopt the style of the game's freedom fighters with this Firefly issue backpack, complete with the group's spray-painted logo.

Ellieu2019s T-Shirt7 of 10

Ellie’s T-Shirt

While Joel's musty old plaid shirt might not be the height of fashion, this replica of Ellie's iconic t-shirt most certainly is. The height of fashion - don't let the apocalypse find you without one.

Joel Rubber Duck8 of 10

Joel Rubber Duck

File under things you didn't know you wanted but now absolutely must have, this Joel-inspired rubber duck (yes, we're very serious) lends a dystopian wasteland flavour to the most joyful of bathtimes.

The Last Of Us - Official Soundtrack9 of 10

The Last Of Us - Official Soundtrack

If the graphics, gameplay and heart-rending story in the original game weren't enough, you'd have to be dead inside not to experience all the feels when exposed to Gustavo Santaolalla's evocative acoustic score. Hands-down one of the best soundtracks in video games, this is a must-listen.

Ellie Plush10 of 10

Ellie Plush

Remember when Ellie was a sweet 14-year old? With a switchblade… and a gun? Well, she's all grown up now and on a rip-roaring rampage of revenge but that doesn't mean she's completely lost her soft side, as this huggable plush toy of TLOU2 Ellie can attest.

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