The Best Christmas Jumpers For Gamers

The Best Christmas Jumpers For Gamers

by William Lobley |
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Christmas is a time for giving and spending time with those closest to us. And ugly jumpers, according to recent traditions regarding which no one ever consulted. But for all of our ironic Scrooge-like behaviour around the new trend, we have to say that when it comes to it, it’s great fun.

Part of the fun is how ridiculous the jumpers are, with options being available for every age, style and, most importantly, fandom. The world of video gaming now plays host to hundreds of quirky and ugly jumpers that shout about the wearer’s love for all entertainment digital and interactive.

To help you speed to run your way to the very best gaming Christmas jumpers, we’ve rounded up of favourites below. There are picks for fans of old-school Nintendo, Zelda and platformers, through to modern blockbusters like Call of Duty. From Sonic to Fallout, Pokemon to PlayStation, there’s plenty here to please any gamer.

Here are our picks of the best Christmas jumpers for gamers:


Empire's Best Christmas Jumpers For Gamers

Official Classic Sonic the Hedgehog Christmas Jumper1 of 15

Official Classic Sonic the Hedgehog Christmas Jumper

With Sonic Frontiers taking gaming's spikey blue 'hog out into the open world, it's only fitting that you rep your love for the gaming icon out in the wild, too.

Official XBOX Christmas Jumper2 of 15

Official XBOX Christmas Jumper

Ugly sweater, indeed.

Pokemon Knitted Christmas Jumper3 of 15

Pokemon Knitted Christmas Jumper

For the gamer who's gotta catch 'em all. Featuring Pikachu in a Santa hat and the three OG starter monsters in baubles.

PlayStation 5 Christmas Jumper4 of 15

PlayStation 5 Christmas Jumper

Celebrate the holidays in classic ugly-jumper style with PlayStation's ultimate Christmas jumper, displaying the classic circle, square, triangle, and cross with pride - this might be the best way to show your allegiance this year.

Super Mario Christmas Jumper5 of 15

Super Mario Christmas Jumper

Let's a go-ho-ho, this awesome classic Super Mario Christmas jumper is perfect for wearing while warming yourself near a fire, and cracking out the SNES for some holiday chill time.

Nintendo Zelda Jumper6 of 15

Nintendo Zelda Christmas Jumper

Look! Listen! For an excellent nerdy aesthetic this Christmas, you can't do much better than this Hyrulian Christmas jumper adorned with a huge Royal crest, Master Swords, and a myriad of Triforces, Legend of Zelda fans, this one's for you.

Call Of Duty Monkey Bomb Christmas Jumper, £29.997 of 15

Call Of Duty Monkey Bomb Christmas Jumper

Call Of Duty's truly unsettling Monkey Bomb. Your Nana might not like it, but it's a whole lot more festive than a Nazi zombie.

Xbox controller Christmas Jumper8 of 15

Xbox Controller Christmas Jumper

Xbox seemingly is quite clearly the GOAT when it comes to ugly, garish-green Christmas jumpers, and we couldn't be happier. Adorned on the front, clear as day is a large Xbox One controller - just to let passersby know what side you're really on.

Crash Bandicoot Christmas Jumper9 of 15

Crash Bandicoot Christmas Jumper

Woah - whichever lucky so-and-so grabs this jumper is going to be looking TNT.

God of Xmas Christmas Jumper10 of 15

God of Xmas Christmas Jumper

We're not sure that Kratos would be a fan of festivities, but we love the look regardless - Kratos is adorned with festive red colours and is, of course, accompanied by his little helper, Atreus.

Sega Classic Sonic Christmas Jumper11 of 15

Sega Classic Sonic Christmas Jumper

And on the fifth day of Christmas, my true love gave to me, a tonne of Sonic gold rings.

Official Super Mario Christmas Jumpers for Men Or Women 12 of 15

Official Super Mario Christmas Jumpers for Men Or Women

Now that's ugly! This 100 per cent retro Christmas jumper is decorated with gold stars, snowflakes, and of course Mario, Luigi and Bowser in all their iconic thick-lined glory.

Pac-Man Christmas Jumper13 of 15

Pac-Man Christmas Jumper

Christmas is all about tradition, so it's only right that you celebrate a classic icon of gaming history.

PlayStation Knitted Jumper14 of 15

PlayStation Knitted Jumper

Embrace the retro this year with PlayStation's classic 90's Christmas jumper, adorned with controller buttons, reindeer, and Christmassy stripes to get you into the festive spirit.

Retro Gamers I Paused My Game to Be Here Christmas Jumper15 of 15

Retro Gamers I Paused My Game to Be Here Christmas Jumper

A celebration of gaming, this impactful jumper sends a stern, yet true message - we gamers are just waiting to jump back into whatever we're playing.

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