Wreckers Review

Recently married couple David (Benedict Cumberbatch) and Dawn (Claire Foy) move back to David's childhood home to start a family. The stresses of trying to start a family is cranked a notch when his brother Nick (Shaun Evans), a soldier on leave from Afghanistan, comes to stay, bringing long-buried secrets with him.

by Ian Freer |
Published on
Release Date:

16 Dec 2011

Running Time:

85 minutes



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Benedict Cumberbatch and Claire Foy are the best things about this overwrought domestic drama, for once set in a rural rather than urban location. They play David and Dawn, newlyweds whose quiet life of house renovation, choir practice and trying for a baby is undermined by the arrival of David’s estranged, emotional army vet brother, Nick (Evans). What follows is a hodge-podge of sibling secrets (who did push the mother down the stairs?), marital tensions, knee-tremblers and breakdowns in fields, but debut director D. R. Hood has a good eye and ear for drawing out the disquiet in country images, and Foy and Cumberbatch make you care as the fissures in their relationship begin to appear.

While the drama occasionally overheats, strong turns from the two leads keep us invested in the characters.
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