Wind Review

Will loses the America's Cup for his country, so he decides to win it back forming his own syndicate with ex-lover Jennifer.

by Matt Mueller |
Published on
Release Date:

01 Jan 1992

Running Time:

126 minutes



Original Title:


This unfortunately titled sports movie captivates early on with one of the most breathtaking recreations of a sporting event ever — in this case, the America's Cup sailing final — managing to capture all the aggressive physicality and split-second decision-making of competitive sailing teams engaged in precision naval warfare. It's more exhilarating to behold than any tenth round boxing knockout or photo-finish car race. Sadly, another hour goes by before Ballard cuts loose with the yacht-to-yacht combat again.

Meanwhile, we're treated to leaden Days Of Thunder-style formulaic filler, with Modine taking on the Tom Cruise-on-the-high-seas role as the GQ hotshot whose blunder cost the US team the Cup for the first time in history out to redeem his WASP-hood and reclaim the premier sailing trophy from the Australians.

A suitable period of self-loathing is followed by a journey out to ex-lover Grey's plane hangar in the Utah desert, where Modine convinces his ex-sailing partner and her new aeronautics genius beau to aid him in his quest. Of course, the air is thick with romantic "tension", as Modine and Grey steal furtive glances at one another. And they're both so disgustingly tanned and healthy-looking, while their respective new lovers suffer from decidedly pastier demeanours, it's like watching poster children for predestined Aryan togetherness.

Ballard's yachting adventure really soars out on the open ocean. It's just a shame he couldn't unload the ballast of Wind's dawdling mid-section, muddling what otherwise could have been an exceptional sailing saga
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