Welcome To Collinwood Review

Welcome To Collinwood
Jailed thief Cosimo hits on the ‘perfect crime’ behind bars and instructs girlfriend Rosalind to recruit a patsy to implement his scheme. Word of the dream pay-off spreads and five losers decide to cut in on the action.

by William Thomas |
Published on
Release Date:

25 Apr 2003

Running Time:

86 minutes



Original Title:

Welcome To Collinwood

The latest pair of filmmaking siblings borrow Italian caper comedy Big Deal On Madonna Street then transplant it fairly merrily to their own home turf in Cleveland, Ohio.

That they have a marvellous ensemble breathing humorous and affectionate life into their gaggle of low-lifes is thanks to being godfathered by the world's grooviest producers, Steven Soderbergh and George Clooney.

The Russo brothers also demonstrate some flair for droll, determinedly Coen-esque situations, characters (loan shark nuns) and dialogue ("It was an accident! I was talking and my mouth slipped").

Rockwell's hapless boxer emerges as the chief character, but everybody has their moment in the limelight in a catalogue of absurd disasters. Unsurprisingly it's sad sack Macy, as calamity magnet Riley who's literally left holding the baby while his wife is in the penitentiary, who steals the show, if not the coveted swag.

Cute and engagingly enacted, but the story outline and tone are oh-so-familiar that every heist-gone-wrong you’ve ever seen begins flashing before your eyes.
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