No Way Out Review

No Way Out
Tom (Kevin Costner), a young naval officer, is in trouble. His lover is accidentally killed during a fight with her other lover, the Secretary of Defense, David Brice (Hackman). Covering up his tracks, Brice and his assistant, Prichard (Patton), put Tom on the case, telling him a KGB mole was responsible for his lover's death.

by William Thomas |
Published on
Release Date:

01 Jan 1987

Running Time:

114 minutes



Original Title:

No Way Out

Kevin Costner’s breakthrough as a sex symbol came in the steamy back seat of a limo scene with Sean Young in a preamble to this complicated web of sexual and political intrigue. Costner, in the first role to justify his rising reputation, hooks you as a naval intelligence officer assigned to investigate the murder that sweating baddie Gene Hackman has unwittingly framed him for.

The dialogue is quick and sharp, the final twist is a subversive corker and the faithfulness to the original (The Big Clock) impressive, although the noir feel of the original is somewhat lost in the wide-open spaces of Washington D.C.

Good performances from a strong cast and paranoid plotting enough to keep even the staunchest of remake nay-sayers quiet. Hitchockian production with a modern twist.

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