The Truth About Love Review

Truth About Love, The
Alice Holbrook decides to test her husband's fidelity and isn't happy with the results.

by Anna Smith |
Published on
Release Date:

16 Feb 2007

Running Time:

110 minutes



Original Title:

Truth About Love, The

Already a hit in South Korea, bizarrely, this British rom-com finally makes it to the big screen at home. Uptight English girl Alice (Jennifer Love Hewitt) suspects her husband (Jimi Mistry) of infidelity, so contacts him pretending to be a secret admirer to see how he will respond.

Unfortunately for her, he confirms her suspicions by responding with enthusiasm, so she must vamp it up in wigs and stockings in order to entrap her own hubby in disguise. The storytelling is clumsy, with overly complex subplots, and the dialogue often wooden. The likeable stars do their best, but ultimately this low-budget misfire fails to involve or entertain.

A decent idea and cast are neglected in this ungainly Britcom with less of the com. A British actress might have been a better bet for this one.
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