Transporter 2 Review

Transporter 2
Frank Martin has moved to Miami, where he's taken a temporary job as chauffer to the head of a government drugs taskforce. It's not long before the politician's son is target for kidnapping, and Frank is implicated in the plot.

by Chris Hewitt |
Published on
Release Date:

25 Nov 2005

Running Time:

88 minutes



Original Title:

Transporter 2

This critique should avoid a certain two-word descriptive phrase, on account of it being just too obvious. That’s fair enough, but by Christ it’s hard to resist when confronted with this seriously screwy sugar-rush of a sequel, which takes a deranged pride in featuring action scenes by Armani, acting by Millets.

Whether it’s delivering lines like, “Jack’s been infected by a deadly virus” with a straight face or genuinely excelling at the physical side (in one vaguely homoerotic scene he beats a bunch of bad guys with a firehose), Jason Statham — that rarest of things, a convincing British action hero — establishes himself as a cult figure for anyone who loves a little bit of cheesy deadpan to go with their cheesy deep-pan. As such, Transporter 2 is the very definition of a ‘guilty pleasure’. Dammit! So close…

Another all-kicking, punching, shooting and exploding dose of Besson born action, and Jason Statham proves that his action mettle in the first instalment was no fluke.
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