Tarzan The Fearless Review

Tarzan The Fearless
Mary Brooks' father, who has been studying ancient tribes, falls into the hands of "the people of Zar, god of the Emerald Fingers." Tarzan helps Mary locate her father, rescues everyone from the High Priest of Zar, and takes Mary to his cave.

by David Parkinson |
Published on
Release Date:

11 Aug 1933

Running Time:

85 minutes



Original Title:

Tarzan The Fearless

Any film that has its hero spanking a monkey and wrestling a lion within the first three minutes has got to be worth a look.

Okay, so it's been made up from the best bits of those ultra-cheap cliffhanger serial episodes and the story about the Lost city of Zar is less substantial than Buster Crabbe's loincloth, but this is far more fun than either Congo or The Ghost And The Darkness and there's not much improvement in the quality of the acting in those more recent efforts.

Some vintage set pieces and the technical and stunt work are very impressive. And guess what? In the end Mary decideds to stay with Tarzan in the jungle......Hang on, what happened to Jane?

an improvement on the usual Tarzan story which has become a little tired. This freshens it up.
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