Tales of Ordinary Madness Review

Tales of Ordinary Madness
The life and works of hard-drinking poet and author Charles Bukowski. The film follows the poet wanders through life with all is dark madnesses and strong sexuality.

Published on
Release Date:

01 Jan 1981

Running Time:

101 minutes



Original Title:

Tales of Ordinary Madness

An episodic sleazathon based on the life and works of Charles Bukowski, with a bestubbled Gazzara standing in for the poet-cum-drunk. The star clearly enjoys the opportunity to spout cynical aphorisms and indulge in bizarre sex scenes with the glacially perfect Muti, a high-class hooker with a fondness for self-mutilation. Though intensely serious, Ferreri manages a faint air of silliness which sometimes punctures the would-be harrowing material. Tyrrell is a riot as an incredible tease who coaxes Ben into indulging their mutual rape fantasies, then she cries for the cops, while Muti's blankness almost passes for characterisation.

A dark and sleazy, but at times entertaining, bipioc.
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