Summer of Fear Review

A family takes in a young cousin whose family recently died in a car crash. The young orphan develops a hold over the entire family, save their suspicious daughter.

by Justin Bowyer |
Published on
Release Date:

01 Jan 1978

Running Time:

100 minutes



Original Title:

Summer of Fear

Back in 1978, Wes Craven must have found it hard to resist this first opportunity to shoot in 35mm with studio backing, but resist he should have.

Summer Of Fear (a.k.a. Stranger In Our House) demonstrates the laziest traits of its made-for-TV origins: generic California landscapes, stock footage, lethargic script and inferior acting.

Worse, given Craven's reputation, is the utter lack of either tension or horror - unless you count the haircuts. Best ignored, best forgotten.

A highly disappointing debut from a horror legend.
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