Stop Or My Mom Will Shoot Review

Stop Or My Mom Will Shoot
A tough detective's mother comes to visit him and begins to meddle in his life and career

by Angie Errigo |
Published on
Release Date:

01 Jan 1992

Running Time:

87 minutes



Original Title:

Stop Or My Mom Will Shoot

Apparently Sylvester Stallone’s fawning minions managed to reassure him that he is a hoot, despite the forceful evidence to the contrary in last year’s farce Oscar.

Even more painful is this buddy action comedy in which Sly’s California cop is partnered with his nagging, aged mum (Getty, of TV’s Golden Girls) and her itsy pooch Pixie. Sly’s happily chasing the bad guys and unable to commit to his smitten police lieutenant (Williams) when Mom and Pixie arrive from Florida for a visit to sort out his love life and clean his apartment.

Since this is the kind of doting Mom who tucks her fortysomething son in bed and sings lullabys to him — puh-leeze — she is soon investing in an automatic weapon, obstructing a murder investigation and horning in on his police work.

This sees Getty into a Dirty Harryish rampage with “Nobody hurts my baby” the catchphrase that doesn’t quite make the moment that “Make my day” did.

Director Spottiswoode invests the action sequences — Mom, as you’ll have guessed, is a slick car chase driver — with as much speed and energy as he can, but the one-joke material is depressingly thin for the man who made Under Fire. Stallone is reduced
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