I Spit On Your Grave Review

I Spit On Your Grave
A New York based novelist (Keaton) is gang raped. She retreats to the country to recover, and is gang raped again. She snaps, and seeks murderous revenge on all of the perpetrators.

by Mark Dinning |
Published on
Release Date:

01 Jan 1978

Running Time:

100 minutes



Original Title:

I Spit On Your Grave

There aren't many films that make The Last House On The Left seem positively tame, but - sorry to say - here's one. Thematically plagiarising the former, this vile, odious little haemorrhoid sees Buster Keaton's great-niece Camille (seriously) get brutally raped by a gang of rednecks for (again, seriously) some 40 gruesome minutes.

But, hey, thatís okay, because then she gets her own back, on a vengeful rampage in which she mutilates the gonads of the perpetrators beyond repair. Atrociously scripted, shot and acted, it's an excercise in adject misery for all involved - including, nay, especially for - the audience. We should just be grateful this release has actually been trimmed.

Really, really bad. It's not good on any level. Not a good horror, not a good revenge flick, it's porly constructed and has absolutely nothing to say or offer. Utter shit.
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