Soldier of Fortune Review

Michael Gold is a mercenary who is sent by the CIA to capture laser-expert Professor Braun, whose knowledge could create a world-controlling laser gun. With his assistant Alissa, Gold must get to him and free him from the KGB and another fascist group holding him hostage, in order to keep the knowledge safe in American hands.

Published on
Release Date:

01 Jan 1990

Running Time:

84 minutes



Original Title:

Soldier of Fortune

The late Brandon Lee breezes amiably through this obviously cheaply produced South African action picture, playing a good guy mercenary on the trail of the German scientist Ernest Borgnine, who has been kidnapped by a coalition of diehard Soviet commies and resurgent Nazi types who want to use his super atom laser weapon to start their very own world war. Lee’s character gets stuck with clichéd blonde judo babe Debi Monahan and a weak script as they trudge through desert locations, while the villain cheerfully shows Ernie and his varying accents his collection of nicely-mounted severed heads.

Not very exciting.
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