Sleeping Dogs Review

Sleeping Dogs
Amy (Hamilton) and John (Johnson) are about to become engaged, and in deciding to be completely honest with her husband-to-be, reveals a bizarre sexual indiscretion she experienced while she was in college. All the clichés of "I feel like I can tell you a

by Sam Toy |
Published on
Release Date:

16 Mar 2007

Running Time:

89 minutes



Original Title:

Sleeping Dogs

Word has it this black comedy was written in three days, funded by its crew for $50,000 and shot in just over two weeks. It’d be a lot easier to laud the efforts of Bobcat Goldthwaite (Police Academy) and co., however, if they’d produced a better product.

It’s good to see the former stand-up still pricking Hollywood’s sentimental pretensions, but Sleeping Dogs remains a technical shambles. Taking the cliché that total honesty is always the best policy and giving it a good slap is a great idea, but soon loses steam, while lax editing and an appalling audio track make the flabby screenplay feel positively obese. A pity — this would have been a dynamite 40-minute short.

You can rely on Goldthwaite to demolish sentimental notions with the power of a force ten gale, but clumsy filmmaking seriously hampers his idea's own effectiveness, resulting in a rather plodding black comedy.
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